The Meaning and Mystery of Life

We have a dream which we want to share with people from across the world. The next few years will bring change in the perception of reality. This vision is supported by the real perception and experience of people of all nationalities and cultures. People who have changed their lives by choice or because of extraordinary experiences, and they want to share their realization. Every one of us can contribute to the change, look for The Meaning and Mystery of Life and explore it.

Fotka z natáčení

About Us

We are a diverse group of people concentrated around Petr Vachler, a movie producer, screenwriter and director, and Ctirad Hemelík, a producer and visionary. We feel that our life journeys are filled with looking for answers to fundamental questions of our lives. We enjoy moments which contain the essence of our being. We are honored to share these insights of ours with you.

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Lino be Guinsada


Philippine healer, founder of spiritual and healing centre Ragara Beach on the island of Mindoro, Philippines. He has got extraordinary gift to heal people and help them find or increase their life force, harmony and health. The treatment consists in penetrating hand into the body in a place of disharmony or a place where there are energy blockages causing the illness. He views his work as a mission and spreading of Light and himself as an instrument of Holy Spirit who heals human body, mind and soul.

Lino be Guinsada

Our Projects

Petr Vachler

Project garant

Petr Vachler was born on January 29, 1966 in Strakonice, Czech Republic, where he graduated from grammar school.

He used to swim in the National League and play the nationwide league in water polo.

At the Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University in Prague, he successfully completed his studies of defectology and tutorship. Later, he briefly worked with purblind people. After a year of compulsory military service, he was admitted to FAMU – Film Academy of Performing Arts (in the field of study of dramaturgy and screenwriting). He founded his own film company called VAC – Vachler Art Company which produces various shows for national television companies. During his third study year at FAMU, he dropped out of school based on his own decision, or rather because of the workload connected with VAC. 

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VAC produces several television shows, mostly related to contemporary film and also to its history, to which Peter Vachler contributed as an author, cameraman, director and producer. He further filmed video clips for national music bands, and sometimes even directed and produced commercials, spots or campaign clips, for example for the Czech Green Party. In 1993, he invented and founded annual Movie Awards called the “Czech Lion” (Český lev”). For the next 20 years, he acted as a producer and director until the time of the so called nationalization. In 2014, the Czech Film and Television Academy (ČFTA) completely took over the Czech Lion Awards which were founded by Peter Vachler in 1995, who also acted as their director for 18 years. He is a member of the European Film Academy. Moreover, he was active in other fields as well. For example, he founded an association for animal protection and promotion of vegetarianism called “Animal in Need” (“Zvíře v tísni”). In the Czech Republic, he creates excitement by extensive billboard campaigns promoting animal protection. For years, he has also supported Greenpeace, the environmental movement called Rainbow (Duha), associations for the protection of animals or promotion of vegetarianism. Currently, he is a vegan and still addresses various types of alternative conceptions of life. He considers his turning point to be the year of 2009 when he understood that the world consists of vibrations with which it is linked throughout the entire period of its existence. He considers the change in our conception of the world as being essential. 

His feature debut called Doblba! was very successful among the audience and it was also awarded the jury prize at the festival in Ashdod, Israel, as the most original film of the festival. In 2008, he evoked polemics regarding freedom of opinion because the Czech Television (Česká televize) prematurely withdrew a documentary series called “Detector” (“Detektor”) dealing with mystical and esoteric context. The Czech scientific community has successfully fought against this series.

After completing his travels visiting indigenous inhabitants of various parts of the world, he got strongly involved with preparations of the film, series and book called “The Meaning and Mystery of Life” (“Tajemství a smysl života”). 

In addition to his directing, screenwriting and production activities, he also founded an innovative postproduction house with film and television studios called Studio Pokrok located in Prague’s Žižkov district.

Petr Vachler