Petr Vachler – producer, director, screenwriter, production designer


“Let’s imagine that you lose your car and you think that someone has stolen it. A feeling of sadness, misfortune, you maybe even shed a few tears? But then you ultimately find it in a confusing parking lot or on a side street. Now you feel relief and happiness, at least until your car finally gets all rusty and falls apart. And then I ask what joy one must feel when he finds himself? That’s why today I say that it is more important to find myself than to find a forgotten car in an expansive parking lot or on a side street, even though both are very important. The film The Meaning and Mystery of Life is also about this.“

Filming dozens of hours of material with personalities from all corners of the earth was fantastic work. Seeking the answers to questions delving into the meaning of life and of fear, love and death with so many crusaders and respondents was an immense joy and making such a film is a gift of a lifetime”, says Petr Vachler.… MORE HERE

Petr Vachler
cmelak hlavní hrdina



„So you wanted to see me, and you have always asked how come I can fly with this fat…“

When we yearn for someone to share with us the deepest truth, we want it to be our parents, our beloved, friends, mythical beings, talking animals or just a voice. Many of us may imagine a different form of godhood. And then there are some who manifest, for example, a bumblebee.

Jan Budař – Max


„Look, imagine that matter is mostly composed of empty space, meaning that we could theoretically pass through a wall…“

There are people who search for the truth their whole life and may not be prepared for it yet. They might not be at the right place at the right time and in the right state. They find out that not everything in the world is so dogmatic, so immutable and academically definitive. Life offers Max unexpected relationships, loves and mystical twists.

Jan Budař
Barbora Seidlová

Barbora Seidlová – Eva


„I am for example also afraid to meet someone…“

Do we burn bridges? Do we no longer want to see a whole number of people, friends? Are we afraid of meeting people? Do we hate the ones we have spent our whole lives with? Are we capable of breaking up families, destroying friendships , for insignificant reasons? How strong do we have to be to forgive one another and ourselves? Are we able to?

Josef Polášek – Robert


„As a doctor I shouldn´t recommend this…“

Being educated does not equal being wise. The roles that we play offer us opportunities that we may or may not use. Merely collecting information might not be enough to understand the meaning of life.

cmelak hlavní hrdina
Andrea Kerestešová

Andrea Kerestešová – Viky


„I am sorry. I truly loved him and I had no idea what it would cause…“

How many people have we loved in our life and how many more are we going to? Are we alone even when we are surrounded by our closest ones? Does everything has to be how we want it and is our truth the most important one? How do we come to terms with the fact that our closest people lie to us and we lie to them in turn?

Vladimír Javorský – Homeless man


„I might be sleeping under a bridge but otherwise I´m healthy….“

Everything in life is merely lent to us for a limited time. It is up to us what we do with it. Even our body is on loan, and he who doesn´t realize it will suffer his whole life. There are people, however, who can play their role with perfection. Even those at the very bottom.

Vladimír Javorský
Petr Buchta

Petr Buchta – Jirka


„Hey, you haven´t ever really heard me! You allowed it for me to be this way, but it wasn´t the solution…“

It is the desire of all of us to learn a lot while we´re here, and inactivity leads to boredom, and later depression. If our life is empty, we end up experiencing even feelings of despair and distaste for life. Nevertheless, everything is right so that we can discover what we wanted to discover. Every step moves us forward, even towards seemingly a failure.

Theodor Vachler – Petr


„Dad, tell us that you won´t leave us?“

For the majority of their lives, children see us as beings who know everything. They trust us boundlessly, we are their models, their support. When we realize that children have the same opportunities as us, it completely changes our outlook on life and children themselves, and we become one.

Theodor Vachler
Aneta Krejčíková

Aneta Krejčíková – Helena


„So that´s your entire upbringing?“

Sometimes we truly only think of ourselves, no matter what. And the blame? The blame permanently lies with others. We do not realize at all that what we dislike about others is our own problems, our own shortcomings. In reality, we are only angry with ourselves and cheat only ourselves.

Valerie Vachlerová –  Vanda, music composer


„It was this large space…“

Before children come to this world, they know and remember much, and remain in touch with their godhood even after they´re born. If they can keep it is a question of upbringing, environment and the courage of others to accept this gif of connection. Soon afterwards, children find out that here it´s only…

Valerie Vachlerová

Viliam Vachler –  Hugo


„Dad, what is the highest education on the planet?“

Children´s souls are pure; they trust us and gather the experience of their ancestors, mirror themselves in us. And sometimes, when we explain to them how everything on this planet works, they surprise us with their response, because they sometimes know and remember much more than us.

Robert Jašków – Karel (gamekeeper)


„I mean, strike me down if I’m lying…“

We want to get to know each other in every way, even sexually, but every intimate relationship has its consequences. It is up to us what we choices we make, how many flames at once can we try to keep burning without letting them die. And if we do take this test, do our best not to hurt others.

Robert Jaskow
Hanus Bor

Hanuš Bor – miller


„How much…?“

Sometimes we look at everything in terms of money, even at relationships. But God and life must come first. Money will then follow. But if it is me who is controlled by the money and not I who controls it, then greed will become my hell. Not everything in life has to have a price tag.

Ctirad Hemelík – co-producer


Ctirad Hemelík – organiser of the Biostyl, Esoterika, Ecoworld and Evolution trade fairs (since 2005), the director and organiser of the Prague Gateways festival (2007 – 2012). Co-founder of the Positive Evolution civic association.

“I enjoy discovering new things that are not visible at first glance. By gradually uncovering that, which is hidden inside us we develop our personalities. That is why contributing to the creation of the film “THE MEANING AND MYSTERY OF LIFE” was naturally fulfilling, just like meeting the international personalities that appear in the film. The very interesting interconnection of a story with the inspirational thoughts of these personalities leads to the creation of a unique film that brings an entirely new perspective and contemplation of our lives to cinemas”, says Ctirad Hemelík.

Ctirad Hemelík
Karel Janeček

Karel Janeček – co-producer


Karel Janeček – a Czech mathematician, entrepreneur, teacher, crusader against corruption and sponsor.

“The meaning of our lives, our existence, is one of the most interesting questions for a vast majority of people. For me, the meaning of life is the creation of values. I am very glad to be cooperating on a project that tries to openly discuss this issue and that, I believe, will help people to find inspiration from international personalities”, says Karel Janeček.