Ambitious 10 Million Dollar Project The Meaning and Mystery of Life in Postproduction

PRAGUE: Czech director/writer/producer Petr Vachler is in postproduction with The Meaning and Mystery of Life, an ambitious project mixing narrative fiction, documentary and animation, and exploring the fundamental questions of humanity. “Is our life a game? Do we enter reality to go through our own dream and to get to know ourselves? Who are we? What is happiness? What is fear and what is love? Are we afraid of ourselves? How many mysteries are there around us? How simple is the truth? What is death and what is birth?”, asks Petr Vachler in a statement.,

The Meaning and Mystery of Life. The movie that completely blew me away

Actor Pavel Liška read the editorial in the Nová Regena magazine and he mentioned it to our editorial staff during his visit of our Pokrok film studios. He found it very interesting and so did we. He asked us when he will be able to see the Meaning and Mystery of Life. The author of the article, Pavel Eiselt, was one of the few people invited to the closed screening of the movie, which is still being worked on by an extensive team. The shooting itself is finished and all that remains is wrapping up the CGI so that it corresponds with the director's and screenwriter's vision. We bring you the personal impressions of the editor and publisher in their full extent.,

Vachler lost the Lions, but found the Meaning and Mystery of Life

Prague – The former head of the Czech Film and Television Academy, and spiritual father of the Czech Lion movie awards Petr Vachler started shooting a movie. The project will combine a fictional story with testimonies of famous celebrities across cultures all over the world, including Erich von Däniken, Don Miguel Ruiz, Paramhans svámí Mahéšvaránanda and Raymond Moody,

The Meaning of Life is taking a filming break. The secret will be sought by Lukáš Pavlásek, Vladimír Javorský or Robert Jašków.

The casting of Petr Vachler's new movie is looking more and more appealing. Not only did he score Jan Budar, Bara Seidlova, Josef Polasek or Andrea Kerestes for the main roles, but the team was recently joined also by a popular comedian and an award winning actor. The shooting will resume in September and October.,

The father of the Czech Lion – Petr Vachler – is looking for The Meaning and Mystery of Life in a new movie

I'm preparing a movie, I don't even have a second, said Petr Vachler, refusing interviews during the recent war for the Czech Lion awards. Even though he lost the war – the awards will continue without him under a different name – he really started shooting. His new project – The Mystery and Meaning of Life – addresses “the most essential questions of our being”.,

Petr Vachler's Search for the Meaning and Mystery of Life is half-way done. How does the shooting continue in current heat waves?

The Meaning and Mystery of Life is one of the most ambitious audiovisual projects in the last couple of years. It combines a fictional narrative with a documentary, the shooting takes place in many exotic locations and it will still need to spend time in demanding CGI post production. The shooting of Petr Vachler's new movie is now half way done and we bring you exclusive photographs from the shoot as well as an interview with the author himself..,

Vachler's movie about the meaning of life

Petr Vachler had left the world of movie awards and entered the world of directing. His new movie, The Meaning and Mystery of Life, combines a fictional narrative with testimonies by famous personalities (Erich von Däniken, Don Miguel Ruiz, Paramhans svámí Mahéšvaránanda, Raymond Moody, Dan Millman and others). Last Saturday in Sumava…,

The Meaning and Mystery of Life, a movie more than brave

What is the meaning of life, what is love, who are we? What is reality? A new Czech movie “the Meaning and Mystery of Life” tries to find answers to these and many other questions from people who experienced clinical death, or who see our mundane material world with different eyes. Seeing things from a different, and for many people mysterious perspective, can be interestingly refreshing and mind opening. The film's authors decided to move the premiere to the end of 2017, while they add more interviews and work on its CGI, numbering over 2000 scenes...,