The author of this project is looking for any financial support to finish this important work of art. At the same time he wants to shoot the movie without any economical, political or any other influences and interests, without commercials or product placement. He is only asking for cooperation from people who would like to change our world.

The project is currently in post production, in the animation stage. The production is expected to take approximately one more year. Any received donation will be used towards finishing the movie, marketing, and its different language variants, so that the film can be presented to the entire world.

Donation Paypal
Send to account: 107-5157050287/0100
IBAN: CZ9601000001075157050287
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You can contribute especially by talking about the movie and spreading information. Thank you. Only contribute financially if you feel an abundance in your life. The amount is completely up to your consideration. The donation amount is a purely personal choice:

Support the project

Please include your first and last names, and the city and state you come from so that we can thank you. You can also include a message and we’ll be happy to publish it with your name. Thank you.

If you like to change the world with us, join us and support the author of the project. It will help not only him, but also in a broader context, all of us. With deep humility, we accept your decision to be part of a film which opens our minds and changes established paradigms. Thanks for any financial donation that will reduce the $ 1 million needed to complete the project. We’re working hard and we will not stop.

We thank all contributors for supporting this project and its related activities. The project, in addition to the producer and co-producers, was supported by (in order of the amount of contribution):

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