We are looking for financial support to finalize and world promotion of the movie The Meaning and Mystery of Life.

We want to change jointly established paradigms. Open wide our minds and heart. Bring the world closer to harmony. Not to turn our backs on anyone. 

The movie is being created without any economical, political, or any other influences and interests, without advertisements and product placements.

You can contribute just by talking about the movie, spreading the information.

But if you wish to help financially, please, donate if you feel personal abundance. The amount is purely a personal decision.

Your unconditional financial support will go entirely and exclusively to financing, finalizing, and promoting the movie.

If you’d like, as a donor, to publish your name, town, country, and a short comment. Message us at:



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Name: The Meaning and Mystery of Life s.r.o.
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Comment:Martin KúšikPragueČesko Czech Republic
Comment: The projection took 2 hours 15 minutes. When the movie ended, I desperately didn't want it to end. That movie, forgive me for that expression, blew me away completely. It is great, incredible in many moments, it is really strong. According to Mr. Vachler, about 40% left to complete the film.
But I can already claim that this film is the most powerful thing I have ever seen in my life.
Pavel EiseltPragueČesko Czech Republic
Comment:Martin HájekPragueČesko Czech Republic
Comment:Alena EbrechtPragueČesko Czech Republic
Comment:Ondřej FrycPragueČesko Czech Republic
Comment:Zdeněk ŘíčařPragueČesko Czech Republic

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