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What is the meaning of life? What is love, humor, fear, and death? Is it all just a dream? Who are we? Will we wake up, will we remember? Do beings from other dimensions help us? Can we finally understand the purpose of the Game? Who is the Creator? Where is the Kingdom of God? The new feature film called The Meaning and Mystery of Life is looking for answers to these questions and many others as well.

Question for Petr Vachler, the author of the story and screenplay, and the movie’s director

Why did you decide to make such an author-pronounced movie?

“As a small kid I used to hide behind the house and cry because there was an end to everything, and there would be NOTHING afterwards. But what was that big NOTHING? This question accompanied me all my life, probably just as it has to the majority of us all.

The big change for me occurred in Mexico in 2009 when I realized that the world consisted of vibrations, frequencies, various levels of perception and understanding.

Later on, I have experienced these physical and spiritual feelings repeatedly and in several places of the world. The impulse arose from a breath, sometimes a word, touching a stone, having a relaxed mind or body, or a memory. It can simply be anything, provided that the mind is clear.

We are able to sense many connections, even thousands of years old, which lead to a single point, event, or prophecy. In order that the cycle of our perception is completed and changed. The same path is open for all of us. We are one building kit from which not a single item can be removed. It is a shared game.

We are all part of everything. None of us has more or less. I got the feeling it is time to share information. For that reason, among others, I decided to make this movie.”

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