„You have to take the journey to find out you didn’t need to take it. But unless you do, you will never find out.“


Petr Vachler is a Czech producer, screenwriter and director, but also a promoter of veganism and deeper dimensions of life. After the Czechoslovakian Velvet Revolution and the fall of communism he founded Vachler Art Company (VAC) which produced several successful TV shows and documentary series focused primarily on Czech cinema. He is also the founder of the Czech Lions as well as the Czech film and television academy (ČFTA). His feature film debut was Doblba! (2005), a dark comedy. He made use of his long time interest in mysticism and esotericism in the controversial documentary series Detektor (2008). From here the road was paved for international television and streaming platforms. His most successful project was the Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified (Netflix, Sky History, 2021) tv series. He has been working on his deeply personal project – the The Meaning and Mystery of Life (2022) full feature movie for the last ten years. The last shot was taken in 2013 and it was preceded by several years of interviews with important people from the worlds of science, spirituality and religious teachings. He lives in Prague with his wife of 20 years Marie, with whom he has three children (Valerie, Theodor and Viliam). Besides directing, screenwriting and producing he also houses a postproduction film and television studio Pokrok. He donates money to animal rights  charities and he recently lent his voice to the Czech documentary about animal suffering Svědectví (Testimony) (2021). 


What significance does the film The Meaning and Mystery of Life have in your life?


Meaning? What is the meaning of breath? What is the meaning of walking? What is the meaning of sleep? The mystery and meaning of life simply is. If the audience is meant to see it, they will. If they don’t, it will disappear before anyone sees it.

That’s the mantra and the contract I’ve made with myself. I wish it were a film that would open the heart. I hope and believe it’s real and pure. For me, The Meaning and Mystery of Life has the same meaning as breathing, walking, sleeping have for all of us…


What happened in your life that was so fundamental that you became more interested in spirituality than the material world?


I don’t distinguish much between the spiritual path and the material one, both are equally important, and interrelated. What doesn’t spill over into our material world from the spiritual realm doesn’t seem to exist. If we were only spiritual and did not value material things, then matter would be unhappy and would leave us. Our body would not serve us as it should, material things would not hold together so well in our presence. Money, or things, would leave us instead of coming. Matter moves because of a healthy spirit. The spirit can manifest in our world because of matter. When you wonder how spiritual a particular person is, look at them and their surroundings and you will get a good read on their condition. The harmony of matter with energy, spirit, is the basis of existence.


Still, let’s go back in time for a moment. When and where did your interest in deeper knowledge awaken in you?

Actually, I was already thinking about death when I was about six years old and cried outside the house for a few moments. Then I tried to understand the meaning of finality before I later discovered that finality as such does not exist. It was powerful, mysterious, understandable and personal. I also remember fondly from my childhood how my mother would translate and read to me from UFO mystery magazines not commonly available in our country under communism, and from mystery books from my uncle in Paris, instead of reading classic fairy tales. I’ve been fascinated by extraterrestrial civilizations since childhood. It often manifested itself in lucid dreams. But for many years I found this in the meditative state induced by competitive swimming, where you are disconnected from the world, just breathing deeply and swimming back and forth. There was a lot going on there. You automatically swim and meditate for hours. Then a completely different experience was the joy of water polo where I was in complete mindfulness and playfulness. I have been searching for the meaning of my existence since childhood. Swimming meditation as well as playing in the present, family, friends, books, movies and just observing reality. Like everyone else, I was learning to read the world.


Did you discover anything already as a child?


Definitely. Probably my strongest memory was when I once opened a closet full of toys. And I felt that I didn’t miss anything, that I had everything, and that nothing in my life could threaten me anymore because I had all the toys I wanted. My whole life was solved in that moment. There was no danger, no feeling of lack, I had no more desire. Life was fulfilled. A feeling of complete security. I had a reason to exist. And when you have a game in front of you that you enjoy, then you find a reason for being.  I had a closet full of games and toys to choose from. I was happy and content. I had achieved my goal. But the meaning of life changes with age.

Petr Vachler
cmelak hlavní hrdina

When did you get out of the game, or when did you reach the proverbial turning point?


In a group session with friends and Native Americans in 2009 in Mexico in Xochitecatl. I told of a powerful meditation I had experienced the previous day under an obsidian mountain, but without them. I was sorry they were not there, even though in my vision they were. During the telling, unfortunately, one tiny puppy that the Toltecs brought in for healing did not survive. From the narrative and the words came strong feelings of physical vibrations on my own body, the Czech faded, everything changed. I spoke a different language. I had gone back in time thousands of years emotionally, I had come to know who I was. I experienced the same thing in a few days in Tula, Mexico, and later on other trips to Peru, Hawaii, North America, or at home in Prague’s Vinohrady. Who I was and am, if that is the case, is not important. I have been reminded of this more than once in different situations. What matters is what you are doing at the moment. But I observe everything carefully, because everything is connected toeverything else. This has been clearly shown many times. Every moment is important, even a moment from many years ago. Of course, even across lifetimes. I have felt that the world is made up of frequencies and vibrations, and that understanding has come back repeatedly without the use of any supporting substances. I have been looking at everything differently since then. 


Can you be more specific?


You realize that this game can only be changed if you are participating in it in a physical form, and it is in its physical visible form that you are changing it. So if you want to change something in our shared cosmic dream, the game, you must be physically present for the changes to occur. Just born. That is why one is always looking for the incarnation of the one who is to be born and can change the cycle of history in a significant way. Intangible movers always need representatives in matter who will write the intention into reality, our dream. Each has a unique role and power. Maybe you just plant a tree, hug a loved one. It’s enough to change many things. In our imagination, the effect is smaller, more important, but the power of the physical hug is greater. It’s important to inscribe our dreams into the reality we know. A tree actually planted is simply more real than one planted in imagination. Only what is manifested in reality is valid, not in a flood of words.


One thing is unexpected limit experiences and another is experiences as intent. What’s in the latter category for you?


Intentional testing and exploration certainly includes fifty days without food, or eleven days in the dark, temazcals, rituals, meditation, vivid dreams, regression therapy, constellations, holotropic breathing, but also hardening in frozen streams, saunas, seven years of barefoot walking, walking on hot coals, roofs and all kinds of things. While in the dark, I discovered that the laws of physics do not exist entirely as we know them. From the first day I actually saw, I spent eleven days in light and discovery. Darkness is not determinative of the perception of reality. Everything passes, everything changes, new challenges come and open new and new doors. Veganism doesn’t have to be the last step either. I keep looking and I keep being surprised. I try to discover everything the world has to offer. I’m vegan, I’ve lived without alcohol for twenty years, too grounding. I don’t shy away from exploring in full consciousness and in any form to know what people are talking about. I have recently tried some shamanic ritual paths after all conscious paths to know as much as I can about the universe and our existence. The most important thing then is to stay in reality and write the best into our common dream, i.e. harmony. Each step is about a certain courage. Suffering can awaken understanding, harmony then there is no need to suffer.


What about inharmonious and other states?


When you are on the path, reality reflects other experiences to you. In lucid dreams, you can know what it is like to be in hell and then wake up in terror and stay in it to understand what it looks like, how everything smells of blood, what the emotions are. You’ll find out what people experience in the low vibrations. You are in them and you don’t judge. Then behind everything is just forgiveness, compassion, love and understanding. Reality connects with dreams, the unconscious, other vibrations. You can see a UFO a few feet away in broad daylight, which is what happened to me. For you can project into your dream all that the akasha, consciousness and memory of humanity has to offer. Every thought is creative, just like a word. Everything we experience is just some form of dream, or reality, depending on what we call it. Materialization of ideas is pervasive, I believe everything from levitation to a total paradigm shift. I believe the next blueprint for humanity will lead to a higher vibration, love and compassion. Disharmony doesn’t interest me much anymore, I respect it because I know it is ever present and what it looks like. In order to change yourself, the world, you have to accept all that has been created and not reject anything, just accept it and not turn your back on the fact that it is not. And then in that consciousness keep your vibration and love high. That is the art. To open the heart. I’m on a journey and learning, I’m still getting to know the inharmonious states and looking forward to what I learn about myself.


Besides the ones mentioned, is there any other form that has changed you, perhaps from ordinary life?


All my life I have been undergoing very important trials of relationships, humility, relevance, forgiveness, sharing, respect, self-centeredness, patience, truth, and especially embracing new knowledge of how to be consistently as close as possible to God, harmony, and oneness. I am on a journey like anyone else. It was a beautiful test when I lost the Czech Lion in 2014, after twenty years of existence, of work, of striving. The Czech Lion is and was the Czech version of the American Oscar. The neighboring states took an example from us. It was figuratively speaking my baby at the time, my energy, after years of building it up with a certain prestige, but some filmmakers from the Academy, which I myself founded and was its executive director for eighteen years, summed it all up in one sentence. It was formulated by Oscar-winning director and producer Jan Svěrák: “Peter, you have the misfortune to have built a prestigious national award, and you cannot own it as an individual. So give it over.” Well, there was a contradiction, alienation, a kind of nationalization, and I am grateful to everyone today that the presidium of that time took it away from me. If they hadn’t done that, I probably wouldn’t be doing this interview today, making this film, having these experiences. But for every problem in a relationship, there are at least two. And I also had my share of it, because I wanted freedom, fun, creation, and the other side wanted moderation, importance, just to make everything more serious, more serious, more dignified.


And how do you look at it today, years later?


I love all the academy members for that experience and I thank them. Even those who fought vehemently for that alienation. Years ago I met Honza Svěrák, we hugged and he whispered in my ear, “Brother…”. At the moment our children were performing at a concert together, on a common stage. Experience above all. In the end, everything that seems bad at the beginning has a beautiful ending and denouement. I was fired to continue my perhaps more important promise to the universe. Every experience that doesn’t kill me makes me stronger. I forgave them all a long time ago, and I hope they forgive me. My role model was our dog, who quickly forgave within moments and was able to rejoice the rest of the day. He inspired me even in this situation to continue living a happy life quickly.

As a member of the Czech and European Film Academy, you have had a great overview of what is being filmed for many years. How did your taste in film change?


What changes on the inside, changes on the outside. Film is accelerated karma, a knowledge, a story that shows you the possibilities and knowledge of life in a few hours. In the end, you only watch the films you need to see to understand your own self-reflection faster. Where you are right now, what you enjoy. Well, I’ve practically stopped watching horror movies, movies where there’s a lot of killing. In the past, I’ve also walked out of the cinema if there was a disproportionate amount of violence or situations that I don’t want to store in my consciousness anymore, I don’t want to create memories in the present that don’t move me anywhere. Of course, death is part of life so far as we understand it, but drowning in suffering just for the sake of the experience makes me tired of it. What is in movies, books, photos, music reflects who we are right now. It is then an inseparable part of our lives, our memories. The majority of movies today are about action, killing, horror, detective stories. I hope that soon films about positive life, harmony, will prevail, and the crudest violence will be irony, sarcasm, humor.


Can you name a film that has influenced you quite profoundly in your life at the time? Or even some filmmakers whose filmography is close to your heart?


I’m going to be very brief and just go with a random selection of films that I can think of right now that have something in them that I’m interested in.  In terms of animation, it’s definitely Miyazaki films like Spirited Away, Laputa and the Castle in the Sky or Princess Mononoke. In feature films, it’s a good number of films, of course it depends on the genres, but I’ll name the ones that hit me, and just remember them, so ironically a lot of favorites I might not even mention now. Let’s start with films like Amelie, Being There,The Last Temptation of Christ, Le Grand Bleu, Magnolia, 21 Grams, The Great Beauty, Love, Mr. Nobody, Mullholand Drive, Talk to Her, The Straight Story, Mother! and Wonder… In the science fiction genre, I like Interstellar, Arrival, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Moon, Avatar, Inception, or the first part of the Matrix trilogy and they are all close to my heart. Of the mystical ones, foremost the Lord of the RingsAnd since I come from the Czech Republic, I should mention at least three Czech ones. The Firemen’s Ball, White Sickness, or The Cremator.

What about documentaries?

Of late, definitely Seaspiracy, David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet, or My Octopus Teacher. In its day, the Czech documentary The Shutka Book of Records made me laugh.

And fiction series?

All seasons of Twin Peaks, for example, or The OA. But there’s so much more. Depends on the mood, the feelings. The Leftovers had an interesting theme, and I had a good time watching the Queen’s Gambit. I would pick Burning Bush from the Czech ones, I laughed at Dabing Street.

Why did you decide to debut with the black Christmas comedy “Doblba!”? And how do you feel about the film today?


Because I love humor and for many years I attempted it in a TV show. I was interested in how a man who everyone else thinks has died would look at the world. So I got into it with my longtime colleague Jan Stehlík, with whom we did most of our projects together. It didn’t really work out, it is what it is, but at the time of the shooting I thought I was doing the best I had in me. I was mixing too many genres into one film. Today, I would consider its aggregate score around something like 65%, maybe less. But maybe it will please someone, someone told me that the film even cured him, another said he enjoyed it a lot and someone wrote that it was very unsuccessful. The same can happen with The Meaning and Mystery of Life. Some people will enjoy it, others won’t. Everything will be as it should be. But I wish it would entertain a lot, intrigue a lot. I’ve never given so much energy to any project before.



I’m sure it’s taken you a long time to organize the annual film awards. Don’t you regret it now? You could have made more films…


Everything is as it should be and I’ve lived my life the way I should have. Maybe I could have made films, but I worked for Czech cinema, for it to live, for cinema to open people’s eyes, for no films to be forgotten. It was just my life, my experience, only to lose everything. Life is made up of chapters and the individual lives form an endless series. So maybe one day I’ll drive a tram and I won’t regret it, because that would be my life. So I believe there’s always a “could have” and regret doesn’t come into it…

Barbora Seidlová
cmelak hlavní hrdina

In relation to your film that you are finishing, the question is, do you consider film as a possible form of transforming the perception of reality?


Every film we see then creates our past in the present and shapes us. It becomes part of us. Every film has in it the essence of change, of healing transformation. I believe that The Meaning and Mystery of Life will heal, that it will be another beginning of change. I believe it will be the foundation of the known knowledge of the depths of our souls. Everything we experience is a part of our lives, and maybe someday it will all come together in one film. There will be no difference between the screen and life.


Let us now go into more detail about the Meaning and Mystery of Life. How did the initial idea to make the film come about?


I guess the basic impulse was the experience with my friends and the Native Americans in 2009 in Mexico in Xochitecatl. Suddenly I was identified with the life of the past and then there was a context that just confirmed everything. It was and is not so much about identification with history as it is about what one is doing right now, who one is in the present, and what one will do for one’s future and the future of others. First and foremost, I am helping myself. If I can do that, I can help others. My dream is of harmony without suffering. How many people and beings will join in is another matter. I didn’t want to tell it all myself, so I got a lot of people together so that everything could be heard from different mouths. 


It’s a very demanding project from a production point of view in the Czech Republic. How did you manage to secure enough funding for it?


Everything was originally supposed to be a documentary that I was preparing with Ctirad Hemelík, who was looking for guests to film, asking them questions, but then I backed out of that and started working on the script and the film. At the very beginning, it was financially supported by a billionaire, philanthropist and open-minded person, Karel Janeček. The film took off, but the funding soon ran out. Donors have helped and are helping, I sell what I have built before, I give it my all, I don’t limit myself, some miracle always happens, and more money appears that I wouldn’t have expected, but it is there. Put God in the first place and then the energy will come. That has been my experience. You can replace God in this case with the joy of the work, the intention, the conviction that it is worthwhile and don’t think about the benefits. Then miracles will begin to happen. The cosmic game we live in is watching our every move. It gives and takes, it follows flawless rules.


Why and how did you come to the decision to blend several cinematic forms? 


I never think in old paradigms. I’m only interested in how I see and feel. Of course, I am limited by the experiences of this world, but I try to expand them, to enrich them, not to bind myself, and I know that everything is connected to everything. So different art forms and genres help to blend.


Many personalities, celebrities of the world of spiritual growth speak in the film. What did meeting them mean to you?


Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, promoter of the Hawaiian technique of Ho’oponopono, healing through forgiveness, recounted an experience in prison where he worked for four years as a psychologist with mentally ill criminals. He did not ask why the prisoners were in solitary confinement, but asked what he  himself was doing there, what he had to atone for being there. He was addressing himself, not the prisoners. Later he noticed that the situation around him had improved, and the condition of the prisoners who were no longer in solitary confinement. Eventually, he too got out of prison as a doctor. In the same way, I no longer deal with the people around me, but I observe why things happen around me. Everything outside is inside me. What I see is me. Every respondent has brought me something, enriched me. This was just an example. Everyone has enriched me. 


Are we to understand that the audience will see themselves in your film?


Yes. All of life is a film that we make and we project it ourselves. As long as my projector is in order, I’m “clean”. There is no way I can screen a film where there will be violence or conflict if I am OK. Reality is a reflection of my karma, my journey, my present state. After all, how would I know myself if I never had the opportunity to see my face? No mirrors, no photos, no reflections? What I see in front of me, what I project, is me. I project myself as I am. Whoever sees this film, as well as any other films, will see themselves. I believe that this time they will see themselves in the deepest form that they are.

You shot interviews with some of the people when the film had already been edited. Can you name some of them?


If someone else caught my eye, I edited the film afterwards. For example, the Mexican neo-Shaman and doctor Octavio Rettig Hinojosa, who has experience through the frequent use of a substance from the Sonoran frog Bufo Alvarius, which is currently the most powerful natural psychedelic. It saved his life. I wanted to know why he knows so much, why we intersect on many points, what I personally have come to in my years without psychedelics. As I later understood, saw and experienced, the frog will only let everyone go where they are ready for anyway. Natural psychedelics, if the shaman knows how to use them well, may be spiritually beneficial to a person, but they will only really take you where you have “bought your ticket” in this life. The train will stop at the exact station your soul is currently ready for. It won’t go any further, no matter how hard you try to trick your mind. Psychedelics can help along the way, perhaps best in micro-doses, as can other medications provided by an experienced guide or doctor. But what you don’t do in full consciousness and familiar reality, as it were, doesn’t happen. Changes in consciousness can also be brought about by words, prayer, darkness, meditation, exercise, a mindful meatless diet, place, our behavior, just about anything if you choose to walk towards knowledge. Different paths open the unconscious to the state of consciousness. And in the end, Octavio was not the only one I later met and added to the film. I can name the quantum physicist Jan Rak from CERN, with whom I have a great rapport, the Islamic mystic Shaykha Amat-un-Nur, the Benedictine monk David Steindl Rast and others. When someone caught my eye, I made additional edits, believing I hadn’t met them “just because.”

If we dispense with philosophy, and you were to simply describe the plot of the film, what would you say?


The basic line of the film is the story of Max, a middle-aged man whose gradual inner calm allows him to recapitulate his life so far, and to see in his unconscious many aspects determining right or wrong decisions. He is simply on a journey to discover the mystery and meaning of life, thanks to a guide who is a slightly extraordinary bumblebee.


Max is portrayed by Jan Budař, a four-time Czech Lion winner. How did your paths intersect? Is it true that you undertook one of your spiritual journeys together?

Yes, Honza hosted Czech Lions and together we made a trip to Hawaii and the southwest of the USA. There were seven of us and the guide was a Hawaiian shaman Ana Kapihe, who is close to the Hopi aboriginal tribe. She’s in the movie, too. Miracles happened along the way, suddenly you see your fellow travelers decades younger, sometimes you can’t recognize time zones. On this journey I also experienced several vibrational changes of body and consciousness and often saw the world differently than it appears. But not everything was in harmony with Honza, we went through many trials and we are moving on. Honza is inherently different from myself. I’ve always wondered what he is mirroring in myself. An example is that he left the stay in the dark after a few days, I wanted to stay there after eleven. We have a lot in common and we are quite different, and we’ve been through a lot and a little together. It depends on your perspective. The journey is unforgettable. 

Back to the film. Jan Budař plays the main character, but the story’s guide, a bumblebee with a human face, is no less important. Why a bumblebee? 

For a long time, I didn’t know who could be the ideal story guide for the film I wanted there. In the end, I decided on the first pollinator of spring, the bumblebee. It is beautiful, wonderful and brings life, for a long time no one could explain how it flies with such a fat body, how it can keep itself warm, why it flies in the rain, why it is not aggressive. It’s also important to me that it has a heart.


Why is the character there? Couldn’t we have done without it? 


You can always get around everything, but finding the right solution is not so easy. After all, it’s a formally unique film that combines fiction, animation and documentary. And that requires a unique hero. I needed someone who was very neutral, who wasn’t connected to anything. Bumblebee has a human face and is a mover and a watcher of the action. His abilities, of course, exceed all the abilities of the Avengers (laughs). And I just needed a hero like that in the film. I couldn’t have done it without him.


How did you go about incorporating Bumblebee into the structure of the script? 


I worked with this entity all the time. There was nothing to incorporate, nothing to build in. It might be nice to disclose that I originally wrote a version where the main human character was accompanied by his own older self instead of the bumblebee. I abandoned that. I even talked to the Polish star Daniel Olbrychski, I wanted John Malkovich, I got his e-mail address, and I considered Czech actors, like Jarda Dusek. But everything fell through, I found out that the main human hero, that is, Honza Budař, will not have his own older self, but a space guide, a representative of nature. We’ve already done more than six years of animation work. The bumblebee alone will cost more than a regular Czech feature film.

For what target group is the film intended? From what you say, the film will be more of an experience for a viewer with some life experience.

I hope the film will be for everyone from the age of twelve onwards. I think that’s the lower limit for a child to still see the film. You don’t have to have any experience, just accept it and let yourself go. My experience so far is that most viewers want to see the film again and again. That’s gratifying.

You’ve involved all three of your children creatively and as actors in the film. How did you explain to them what they would be involved in?

Children like to play, there’s nothing to explain. The youngest, Viliam, was six years old.

The oldest sibling, Valerie, was a teenager at the time of the filming, and by the end she was a music composer. How happy are you with her creativity? 

I’m thrilled. She wrote the title song when she was 13, which is when we started shooting the film. At seventeen, I entrusted her to compose the music for the entire film. Everything is connected to everything. I’m satisfied. And because the film is still being edited, trailers are being prepared, Valerie still has a lot of work to do, even though most of it is already done. I’m happy that everything is so interconnected. Theodor, the elder of the sons, composed the music for Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified for Netflix and Sky History. Who else should one turn to if not one’s children, if they have the gift to participate in such things.

As well as exploring timeless themes, looking at our ability to manage relationships plays an important role in the film. Why is that important to you?

Because in our human lives we repeatedly clean and refine our relationships. It doesn’t matter if I’m a journalist, a filmmaker, a doctor, a worker, a politician, an athlete, if I’ve been an ancient Egyptian, an Aztec or a Mayan or anyone else in the past. In our various roles, we just keep trying over and over again to figure out the relational stuff that is practically the only purpose of any role, of any life.  And that’s the goal. The secret that everyone should come to on their own. It’s the human protagonist, Max, who would like to clean up his relationships.


What insights about relationships have you come to yourself? 


That we all have the same options. We lack self-love, and love is understanding the nature of existence. When we understand that even the worst person in our eyes is us and we can forgive them, and understand that the best being in our eyes is us again, then we can get into a different vibrational field. We start thinking differently than we are right now… there are three steps to heaven. Forgive yourself, ask for forgiveness from others, and finally forgive yourself. This cleansing of relationships will establish a sense of unconditional love and understanding.


Let’s move from the individual to the common. Where are we as humanity right now?


We live in duality, even though we are unity. We have forgotten our essence and are trying extreme, extreme forms of existence, as far as we are capable of going. Right now we are largely in a destructive phase, and not getting out of it. However, I am an optimist. I see the goal as change for the better, but that is something each of us must commit to. And the hardest experiences bring about the biggest shifts. We are truly a unity where each individual matters. We have forgotten who we are, while the universe was created in love and harmony. When we figure out who we are, I have a chance to experience the kingdom of God again on Earth, in the Universe. We are simply living in oblivion at the moment, and that is why we are suffering so much.


But isn’t it also the difference in disposition that we each have?


No. There is no difference between us humans in the deepest essence. We are each in this oneness in a different vibration. And perhaps that is the apparent difference. Only some live in deeper oblivion, without love and respect for any form of living existence. Someone is living in a higher vibration, but they certainly have experience of the lower vibration. No one should judge anyone, we should help each other. What that help is is another matter. Everyone who is in this “construction set” and by that I mean in the great “construction set of life”, will one day understand that not only the tree is a far more advanced being than we think, and that without trees we cannot exist here. They can without us. And so does all the fauna and flora. If we understand the basic principle of honoring any form of living existence, there is a chance for us. We are all teachers and we are all students. Our greatest enemy is our greatest teacher, if we meet him. The enemy only shows what is still within us. The fewer the enemies, the higher the vibration.

Andrea Kerestešová
Vladimír Javorský

What day in the many years of making the film do you consider the most important?

Every day is the most important day of your life. Everything is connected to everything. Every moment mirrors the future and the past that we are creating right now. I saw my own written messages from the past as they relate to today and tomorrow. I laughed about it. The bottom line is that the most important thing is relationships with people, animals, nature and ourselves. Life is a cosmic game that is played over and over again without end. The principle of uroboros. As the most famous Christian prayer, the Lord’s Prayer, says, “For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.” The game is just disjointed and we live it in oblivion endlessly. Only the scenery changes gradually. A very important day was whenever I saw the birth of my children and witnessed that life goes on.

What will happen after The Meaning and Mystery of Life? Is it true that the film is far from the end of this topic for you?

That’s the question. Anyway, I would like to write a book that develops the ideas in the film. I also have a TV series in mind, if I can find enough energy, money and time. I would like to give more space to the interviewees who appear in the film. I’m thinking of a sequel where I’d like to go more into depth of knowledge. I’m also thinking about a completely different film that would mirror where we’ve come over the last millennium. It’s a lot of things. We’ll see where the universe takes me, what’s next. Maybe there will be a film about respect for animals, for nature, veganism. I’m looking for a way to make the film acceptable to everyone and to shift our understanding.

You’re looking for answers to the mystery and meaning of life, but what are your wishes?

That everyone would be happy and respectful, honor any form of living existence, live in harmony with the creator of the game, that is God, guided mainly by the heart. They can call him God, Architect, the Primordial Being of existence, Energy, or identify with him. They can imagine him in any way, and by any name. We are all part of him. Names won’t have meaning then anyway… The important thing is to honor all beings of the world, including ourselves. Do no harm. The game is perfectly designed, we’ve just forgotten who we are and have little respect for the game.

Some physicists want to find the answer to whether we are living in a reality that belongs to us or a simulation created by someone else?

It could be a simulation, a matrix, a dream, a cosmic game, whatever you want to call it. The game we play is perfect and precise. It’s based on a well-guarded value of zero, and everything is based on that. It’s a wonderful game that comes from the divine nature of consciousness, and anyone can put whatever they want behind God. Some quantum physicists admit that where quantum physics ends, God begins. What is reality? What is infinity? Can we control time? How is it that an observed particle behaves differently than an unobserved one? And there will be more and more questions like these until we discover that existence itself is an incredible gift that was created for us. Let us appreciate it, all of reality, animals and nature in general.

Which brings me to the question, why did you start with vegetarianism and then veganism? 

I was brought up, of course, in what everyone else was brought up in under communism. Every “brought to you from pig paradise “or “happy chicken” salami advertisement as a cook, invited you to eat meat. In my childhood I didn’t realize what salami and canned meat were, what was behind it. Mostly I thought the world was built the way it was laid out for me – that animals were here to be eaten. It wasn’t until I was eighteen and in college that a friend revealed much to me. He gave me his portion of meat. I was thrilled then that I would always have that extra portion of meat when I was with him. But that night he explained to me in detail how meat is made.  Then I didn’t even want my portion of meat anymore. I understood how advertising lies, how we can be manipulated by upbringing, standards, and what a true “pig’s paradise” is. I pushed aside one interpretation of the world that was originally offered to me and began to explore another. For the next few years I barely ate meat, with the rare fish or chicken. And over twenty-three years ago I became a vegetarian, and for the last few years a vegan. It depends on who is telling us about the world, how we are manipulated, how we learn to navigate it, to accept new perspectives. This vision of a cold hell, the Land of the Cross, suffering, I’m tired of it. I’m more into paradise for all. I mean, even for animals and

You’re currently vegan, and with a focus on raw food, are you feeling better physically?

I find it more natural to take that energy straight from plants and fruits. Moreover, animals suffer incredibly because of milk, cheese, butter, they suffer, they barely survive and in the end they just die because of meat. I found out that as a vegetarian I still had too little compassion for living beings. The change had to come with a change of consciousness, an increase in compassion. A vegan or vegan raw diet is more ideal for the body, and especially the animals. It’s a condition I enjoy exploring. Veganism is my present and raw food is a diversification. I feel much better, with a clearer head, in a better mood. But most importantly, I reiterate that these are animals who are equally entitled to a life of dignity. After all, we are animals too. Anyone who thinks they are not is living in a confused illusion.  I’ll see what else I can come up with. I’ll see where my experience takes me. Either way, I don’t want anyone to suffer for my whims.

What is the importance of veganism to the world?

Cosmic, I mean, immense, but at its deepest core it’s about the level of compassion we possess. Either we have more of it or we have none. Everyone has the free will to make their own choices. Everyone has to come to everything on their own. Can you imagine an enlightened person butchering a sheep, a cow, a pig, a horse, a dog, a dolphin, to have that side dish on his plate? You have to find another way. Moreover, because of the exponential increase in Earth’s population, the environmental principle of veganism is slowly becoming a necessity if we are to survive. Veganism is a natural part of an imagined Eden.

What is the most fundamental mantra for you today?

It’s the four basic pillars that have come to me over time and have been refined.


  1. The universe was created out of love and in harmony.
  2. Live in harmony with God, your heart.
  3. Honor any form of living existence.
  4. True love is the pinnacle of harmony.